Have you heard the news? Our proposal app, Quokka, has officially been released into the wild. As with any new product launch, Quokka needed to attract customers to its platform while also giving them a sense of what makes this new brand different from the slew of other proposal SaaS apps on the market. The challenge? To craft a narrative-driven advertisement that was not only relatable but also conveyed a comedic, light-hearted, undertone....in one minute.

For this project, time was truly of the essence. Our in-house production team had to craft a concept, write the script, audition and cast actors, scout locations, and assemble a crew in record time in order to coordinate with Quokka’s launch. The ad was shot over two days and involved three separate locations in Savannah, Georgia. Once shooting wrapped, the team focused on crafting the correct story and finalizing a rollout strategy that included the anthem ad and sizzle shorts.

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For launch it was important that we craft not only the anthem ad, but additional shorts that could be showcased through various social media outlets and email campaigns. Quokka needed quick and concise films that injected a sense of the brand’s personality and pique customer interest. The sizzle shorts are easily digestible and hint at the larger brand picture, ending with a call to action, leaving the viewer with a clear next step.

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