Five Years Old

By Erik Reagan

Time flies. The most obvious indicator of that in my life is my children, now 19 months and 6½ years old. It's hard to believe how quickly they're growing and how quickly time slips by.

One of my favorite apps these days is Timehop. It connects to your social media accounts and shows you past status updates, tweets, etc. from around the same time of year. I was recently looking at my Timehop feed, laughing and smiling at pictures of my then-1-yr-old, and noticed something I kinda forgot to keep an eye on: our companyâs birthday.

Five years ago this week Bill and I set out to—well—see if we could pay our bills, more or less. We had ideas, but no grand vision. But that vision would soon be formed and put into action. Here are a few snapshots and links recapping the beginnings and the years since.

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What bootstrapped startup office is complete without Ikea desks?

alt text

The first generation of company "business cards." (We hand cut these. Seriously.)

alt text

Putting our mark on this window was incredibly energizing for us. It added a nice feeling of legitimacy I guess.

alt text

Over time, we evolved our mark to what it is today. Naturally, we had to update the window.

alt text

Here are a few blog entries from our beginnings and recaps over the years.

Of course, things have changed and evolved over the years. But you can never forget where, when, and how you started.

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Itâs been an honor to work alongside Bill and every team member and client we've interacted with during these first five years. Here's to the next five years.