By Steven Scarborough

How do you increase team productivity, encourage collaboration, and build your company culture?

Focuson Fit

Call fewer meetings? Paint the walls with whiteboard paint? Put the studio furniture on wheels?

All of these methods are fun for keeping things light and they all help to improve our client work. This is something the Focus Lab team thinks about a great deal - how can we #makeitbetter and exceed our client's expectations?

There's an old adage that states, "To care for others, you must first care for yourself." Which I translate as, "If you're not well, you cannot do well." But how do you foster that mentality in a fast-paced, creative environment across a distributed team? Well, one of the ways we approached this at Focus Lab is to #focusonfit. On October 12, 2015, each team member received a FitBit and an idea, "Let's be more active!" While it wasn't required that we walked 10K steps a day or track our activity levels, it did lead to some sweet competition that allowed our team to cheer each other on.

The concept continues to be a great motivator. Since that memorable day in October, a few of us have joined gyms or fitness bootcamps, a few of us have started running more and are trying to eat a healthier diet - and we've all joined together to support each other's efforts. In January, the team received 32oz HydroFlasks (which feature Chase Turberville's amazing lettering skills) to encourage us to consume more water during the day, and it worked. Well. Since January, we've held various fitness challenges to get the blood pumping.

But how does this translate to team productivity, collaboration, and company culture? A few of our core standards reflect the sentiment rather well, "Work to Live," "Make it Better," "Quality Over Quantity" but in the end it goes back to, for me, "To care for others (aka, clients), you must first take care of yourself." We'd be letting our clients down if we walked into the office drained of all our mental bandwidth. Having the energy to think through the complex tasks is a must.

At Focus Lab, we take great pride in what we do and how well we do it for others. Weâre all building the company culture and #focusonfit is just one of many ways that helps us grow the culture as a team.

Here's to a more active 2016!