How We Do: Whole 30

By Kellie Groover

We’ve been taking steps to improve our health at the Lab.

Whole 30 7@2X

This May, some of our local crew banded together on the Whole 30. It’s a 30-day program that helps reset your metabolism, eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet, get your digestive system back in order and helps to crush those pesky unhealthy cravings and habits.

The short explanation? You cut out dairy, sugar, grains, and legumes. 30 days? Easy enough right? I mean, the justification they give you on the site goes something like: “Losing a parent is HARD. This is not hard.” Well, since you put it that way...

I’ll let the team tell you their takeaways from our experiences.

Chase (the veteran)
  • The second time around is easier.
  • Guacamole & plantain chips are my lifeblood.
  • Slow cooker meals are the way to go. They fill you up and make for great leftovers.
  • Doing it with a group this size is much more motivating and makes mocking the diet much more enjoyable.
  • Green Truck (Savannah burger joint) saved my life a few times.
  • Dairy is Satan to my stomach.
Lauren (also a veteran)
  • Food has way more power over your life than you think.
  • I realized how much sugar is in most sauces, which I dip everything in (looking at you, Polynesian sauce from Chick-fil-A).
  • Sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes
  • I did not realize how bad dairy made me feel on a day-to-day basis.
  • When in doubt, go to Chipotle (I still live by this rule).
  • People will give you a hard time for being on a “stupid diet,” but it’s worth it!
  • Coconut water is LIFE.
  • Still hate black coffee, but realized I don’t need the caffeine of coffee to wake me up when I’m eating foods that actually fuel my body.
John (and his lady, Jenna)
  • My wife (Jenna) is Wonder Woman.
  • I’ve had more food dreams in the last 30 days than in my entire life.
  • Our kitchen skills grew greatly over the 30 days. It’s feast or famine, y’all.
  • Our dreams became so vivid and our sleep quality is the best it’s been in years.
  • La Croix flavored soda water is my homie.
  • Definitely couldn’t have done this without my awesome wifey and my Focus Lab teammates; scoot scoot!
  • My wife and I are going to continue the diet during the week and have cheat meals on the weekends.
  • Pro Tip: Cooking dinner that lasts two nights and making lunch that can span 2-4 days helps cut down time spent in the kitchen.
  • 30 days is a long time.
  • Kombucha satisfies beer cravings.
  • Early suffering turns into quiet comfort; by the time it was over I didn’t want to stop and was uncertain how to emerge.
  • My husband deserves a medal.
  • I’m only a few pounds down but love the results and don’t feel like a heifer.
  • Every minute of this required moral support from my Focus Lab teammates and their spouses; y’all ROCK!
  • La Croix is life.
  • Everyone should try ghee and coconut milk in their mashed taters, just sayin.’
  • Eating date coconut rolls with black coffee helps ease the transition to black coffee.
  • Date coconut rolls… who knew?
  • When all else fails, avocado.
  • Sweet tooth? Fruit smoothie with cacao.
  • La Croix out of a wine glass complete with fruit feels fancy.
  • My skin is the clearest it’s ever been and I’ve been sleeping like a champion.
  • I have the capability to do anything I set my mind to with a great support system (thanks to Jay and the Focus Lab crew)!
  • So far, with reintroduction, I find that sugary drinks give me migraines.
  • I don’t want to stop this journey.

What about you? Have you completed the Whole 30? What were your takeaways? Tweet us @FocusLabLLC!