Nupoor Drops the Mic

By Nupoor Rajkumar

The summer is up!

I met a friend on the bus today who asked me if I'd taken any classes. No, I said, and told him that I'd interned at a branding and UX/UI company near Ellis Square. Many of my peers took summer classes or returned home for the break. I don't regret the decision to work instead. I've had such an amazingly productive three months. Focus Lab has been a fabulous learning experience.

Throughout the experience, I had regular one-on-ones with my supervisor, Shub, where she was interested in what I was learning and what I hoped to learn. These regularly scheduled conversations are held between a senior and staff at Focus Lab. This interest in the well-being and goals of employees is a testament to their company standard "People over Profits." The standards are core values. This place has some of the most welcoming and caring people I know.

I also love the way Focus Lab works: quick and regular internal meetings to catch up, client meetings on Monday, delivery on Friday. It's a great concept and it makes a lot of sense to me. The structure is followed well enough for people to typically not be overloaded with work. We don't take on more than we can handle. And nobody promises to deliver unless there is a definite certainty that the job can be done and done well.

Team Happiness Coordinator, Kellie, once Instagrammed a photograph of us doing wall-sits and said something along the lines of, "The team that works out together, stays together". At Focus Lab, there is a large focus on personal health. I love this aspect. There is always healthy food in the refrigerator and we try to exercise together as much as possible.

The team's a real team. Everybody is always encouraging one another and laughing together and sharing stories. At a place like Focus Lab, the people you work with become your friends.

I've learned so much this summer. I've had the opportunity to do so much work I truly love and enjoy doing. I feel like I've grown as a designer and as an individual and I'm grateful to everyone who helped me through the journey.

The summer of 2015 will always be remembered.