Spotlight: 2014 Color Run

By Erik Reagan

We like to have fun.

Color Run Header

You may have noticed from previous tweets and journal posts, we like to have fun as a team. Fun things are more funner with more peoples. Hence, team fun-ness occurs. Back in March we ran in a local 5k to support the March of Dimes, an organization I have a particular connection to after my daughter was born prematurely. After that event we knew we had to do other races and runs in the future. Almost immediately we had our sights set on The Happiest 5k on the Planet, otherwise knows as The Color Run.

Savannah’s Color Run was a few weeks ago and we got some snazzy video footage with some GoPros. We wanted to share some of the craziness with you, our dearest digital friends.

Behold: The Color Run.