Video: Sneak Peek at Sidecar

By Bill Kenney

We are super excited to finally open the doors on Sidecar.

If you haven’t heard of Sidecar yet, our mission is simple: Sidecar is about leveraging community insights, experience, wisdom, and talent to achieve greater things through design. It is a learning resource and marketplace for design tools built for designers by designers.

We launch next week, but that is just the beginning. We will be initially releasing a small select amount of assets and learning content. But be prepared for fresh new content each month. We want to make this product as valuable as possible to you, the designer, so please hit us up and let us know what you need — on both the learning/knowledge-sharing side and the assets/design side. Thank you for following along as we kickstart and invest serious muscle throughout the year.

If you are looking forward to this release, jump over to our splash page and sign up so you can stay in the know as new products, blog posts, and tutorials are released. Thanks for your support and we will see you soon!